Academy Volunteer

Moneytalk Academy is a 6-week financial literacy series with a specific focus such as basic skills, couples, homeownership, and so on.  We are offering both in-person and virtual academies.

In-person volunteer opportunities include:

  • Promotion and marketing assistance
  • Dinner is provided each night.  This can be homemade or purchased.  Moneytalk may purchase or the restaurant may donate or discount, but will need picked up.  Then, dinner will also need served and cleaned-up.
  • Guest speaker for a topic or section related to your expertise.
  • Assist with childcare.  At least consist adult is needed in each childcare group.  The number of groups depends on registrations.  Additional volunteers may be for just one or multiple evenings.
  • Nightly attendee and volunteer registration assistance.  Including the completion of a survey each night a volunteer helps.  Attendees will do their survey as part of their graduation.
  • Videographer for testimonials throughout and on graduation night.
  • Photographer to taking pictures throughout the academy demonstrating child care, dinner, workshops, and graduation.
  • Solicitation of donated items for graduation night.  Items should be something useful for their home or the individuals.

Virtual volunteer opportunities include:

  • Promotion of the academy opportunity through social media, creating flyers, and other marketing suggestions.
  • Guest speaker for a topic or section related to your expertise.
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