Vehicle Assistance

Vehicle Assistance Support

General Vehicle Assistance Services may be provided in the form of financial support, donated parts, payment plan, pre-paid rides, use of a loaner vehicle, or any combination of the above.  If the client is on a payment plan, they will be required to actively participate in financial coaching for the duration of the payment plan.

Vehicle assistance is available in 4 main categories – mechanical, safety, transportation, and legal – as funds are available.


Description & Examples


Repairs needed to ensure vehicle’s roadworthiness focusing on the ability to start, steer, go, and stop as identified by the automotive repair partner inspecting the vehicle


Such as headlights, tires, wiper blades, missing or broken windows, car seats, booster seats, air bags, seat belts, heater (needed for defroster to work)


Provide a loaner vehicle, pay for use of rental vehicle or other point-to-point transportation options.

Facilitate ability to receive donated vehicles, as well as donate a vehicle to an individual or family in need.


Insurance premium

Assist in paying for title, tags, and registration especially when donating a vehicle to a client in need

Dedicated Program Funding

We have the desire and ability to support dedicated funding to help the population you care about the most.  Recipients will approved by the primary contact before the dedicated funding is used for vehicle assistance needs.  On the donation page or in the memo of a check, you can designate a dedicated program fund.

Shawnee Vehicle Assistance Fund

The Shawnee Vehicle Assistance Fund provides funding for vehicle related needs for the residents of Shawnee, KS.  Recipients are required to participate in financial coaching through Moneytalk Financial Foundations.

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