Homeownership Center Survey

Moneytalk Financial Foundations is kicking off a Homeownership Center with 3 phases – preparation (financial readiness), acquisition (selling, buying, or renting), and maintenance (inside and outside).

Moneytalk will be primarily responsible for financial literacy, coaching, budgeting, and helping with credit report issues.  While businesses who specialize in other areas of purchasing, selling, renting, building, repairing, and maintaining a home will be encouraged to provide workshops, hands-on learning opportunities where applicable, and other learning opportunities as appropriate.

There are many goals for the Homeownership Center:

  • Help individuals and families acquire the stable housing needed to become financially stable
  • Allows the business to continue building their reputation as an expert in the field, reach out into the community, and form relationships with potential customers
  • Ability for our clients to learn about different career paths and what all is really involved (ties into Work Readiness Program)
  • Potential for clients to fulfill internship opportunities which also allows the business to determine if this is someone they may want to hire long-term (Workforce Partnership may help pay intern wages)
  • Obtain Neighborworks Homeownership Center certifications which would extend to the businesses as appropriate
  • Sponsorships will provide funds needed for Moneytalk to secure space needed to expand services and volunteer opportunities

As we start this off, we would like for you to take a few moments to share your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas with us. We would also like to know if you would be interested in becoming a founding sponsor.

Homeownership Center Survey
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