Volunteer - Hollywood Casino 400

This fundraiser will help cover the remaining cost of the school supply drive that is nearing completion.  More information can be found on the School Supply Drive page.

Sign-Up Deadline Extended:  Noon on Monday, Oct 12th

NOTE:  An update to the newsletter that was sent which stated we would raise 10% of profits.  However, after re-reading the contract, it is actually 10% of sales.

General Fundraiser information

Location: Kansas Speedway

400 Speedway Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66111


Event is scheduled for Sun, Oct 18th, with a rain-out backup event date of Mon, Oct 19th.

Volunteer Arrival Time:

Once our concession stand is assigned, we will know whether we need to arrive by either 8:30 am or 9:30 am. This allows for check-in, inventory stocking, initial cash setup, and start cooking so that food is ready when the gates open.

Gates Open:

The gates open at 11:30 am.

Race Starts:

The race begins at 1:30 pm. Depending on cautions, weather, and so on, the race should be over by 5:30 pm.

Volunteer End Time:

We will be done after our clean-up is complete after the race is over. If we clean-up as we go, the final clean-up should not take too long. Worse case, plan on a 12 hour day.

Purpose: Fundraiser

The funds raised will help with the school supply cost shortfall due to unfulfilled previous commitments. If adequate funds have been raised to cover this project, the funds will be used to help those in need in our community.

Funds Raised: How much?

We will raise the higher of (1) $100 per volunteer or (2) 10% of food and beverage sales. * Bonus 1% will be added if our cash and inventory are within 1% of what they should be and we followed operational guidelines * 100% of the cash tips will go toward the fundraiser as well

Attire: Uniform Requirements

Black from the waist down: pants (not jeans, spandex, or gym style attire), socks, & closed-toed shoes. Americrown will provide a polo shirt to be worn. If cooking, you will need long pants. If you are not cooking, you may wear capris or knee-length shorts. NOTE: Americrown shirt cost will be taken out of our commission. We will collect those for use in future events so we do not need to purchase them again. If you already have an Americrown polo shirt, please let us know.

COVID-19: Safety Procedures

Volunteers are required to wear masks and gloves at all times while on property. Guests will be required to wear masks at all times as well. Temperatures will be taken upon entry to the property. Your temperature must be under 100 and you will be issued a wrist band to wear showing you have been screened. Leave 6 feet between volunteers, as well as between yourself and guests as much as possible. Barriers will be provided.

Age: Minimum

All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.

Concession Stands: Where will we be working?

There are 3 types of concession stands. Which one(s) we will be assigned to is dependent on the number of volunteers and availability. If we have more volunteers than needed for 1 stand, but not enough for 2, we may have some volunteers working another stand that still benefits Moneytalk. * Building Stands With Bloody Mary Carts = These locations sell burgers, tenders, fries, beer, soda, and water. * Building Stands = These locations sell burgers, tenders, fries, beer, soda, and water. * Portable Beverage Carts = These locations offer beverage items ranging from Bloody Mary and Margaritas to packaged beer, soda, and water.

What Can You Bring With You?

You will receive 2 meal coupons when we check-in so that you can eat at the concession stand. You may bring in a CLEAR BAG no larger than 18" x 18" x 14" if you would like to bring your own snacks or water. You may also bring 1 collapsible chair for use in the concession stand since we are entering before the guests arrive. They must remain collapsed when not in use due to limited space.

Volunteer Information

Enter your name as it appears on your ID. They will be comparing when we check in and they must match to participate.
If you prefer to be called something other than your given first name, please enter it here.
We are required to provide your birthdate on the volunteer credentials form as part of COVID and ensuring all volunteers are over 18.

Participation Information

They would like to know how many of the volunteers would be able to come back on the backup (delayed) date if that is needed. The number of volunteers we have determines which type and size of concession stand we are assigned to.
You will be required to wear an Americrown polo shirt during the event. We are charged for these and will collect them after the event for use at future events.
If you are not dressed appropriately, you will not be allowed to volunteer and will be sent home. If we do not have enough volunteers required for the assigned concession stand, we may not be able to participate.

Required COVID Forms

These two forms are required by Americrown's COVID-19 safety precautions. Go to the web URL's provided below each verification box, complete the form online, then let us know it has been done.

Additional Information: