School Supply Drive


Moneytalk is working as one of the community partners, through Caring for Kids KC, to help two Title 1 elementary schools.  The community partners are working to ensure the students have the school supplies they need to start the school year – whether that be on-site, at-home, or a combination.

The vast majority of students at these schools receive Free or Reduced Lunches due to their low income.   Nieman elementary has 64% and Shawanoe elementary has 78.4% of their students on Free & Reduced Lunches.

In “normal” years, many of these families must choose between buying school supplies or shoes for their children.  They make decisions between putting food on the table, paying rent, and keeping the lights on.

Now, after COVID-19, these families, and many more, are struggling worse than ever.  Many will have their utilities turned off as disconnection restrictions are lifted.  Many will find themselves homeless as eviction restrictions are lifted. 

How can we expect these families to be able to afford school supplies for their children?  Let’s ensure all of the students have a positive start to the school year.


$50 per student

x 1,000 students


$50,000 total


Money Raised: $2,200

Benefiting Schools:

Nieman Elementary School

Shawanoe Elementary School

Families in Need:

Grandmother caring for her husband, daughter,  and 7 grandchildren in a 3 bedroom home on a fixed income need our help!

I am a grandma that has adopted 3 of my grandkids. I have one in high school one in middle school and another in elementary school. They have health and learning disabilities. They have a lot of needs. We are retired and live on a fixed income. My husband has dementia and has a lot of medical expenses.  She and her husband have decided to skip purchasing the needed diabetic supplies and medicine so that they can purchase medication and therapies for their adopted grandchildren, clothes, and school supplies.  She stated they often wonder where their next meal is coming from.   So to get help for school supplies would be greatly appreciated and a relief to our family situation.

How does the fundraiser benefit the school, students, teachers, and staff:

The intention of the fundraiser is to provide:

  • Each student with a new backpack and their school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Needed PPE for each student, teacher, and staff
  • Each student with a school shirt and yearbook
  • Additional supplies needed in each classroom
  • Weekend meals for as long as we can make the funds stretch

Key Dates:

June 30th – Target was to have raised 75% of the goal or $37,500.  As of June 30th, we had raised $1,100.

July 2nd – Nieman Elementary school community partners met.  We will purchase as much as we can through the funds raised.  Other organizations would rather have individual items donated.  We will also add items to our Amazon Wish list.

July 15th – Raised 100% of the goal.

TBD – Shawnanoe Elementary school community partner meeting to determine next steps

TBD – Volunteer opportunity – pre-pack student backpacks

TBD – Volunteer opportunity – Nieman Elementary student backpack distribution

TBD – Volunteer opportunity – Shawanoe Elementary student backpack distribution

Donations & Sponsors

  • Lenexa Optimist Club – $500
  • ANB Bank – $500
  • Egan, Mike & Donna – $1,000
  • Terry & Kathy Houlton – $100
  • Erin Vertz – $100

Lots of ways to donate:

Donations for the fundraiser can also be made directly on the GoFundMe Charity site.  Or you can donate through this website, mailing a check, Paypal, and Venmo.

Use PayPal to donate to Moneytalk.  PayPal Giving Fund covers all transaction fees.


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