Park Lane Jewelry Fundraiser

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Did you know there are a large number of individuals and families who are in need being turned down by other non-profits because they don’t qualify for assistance?  One thing we hear frequently is how they “don’t fit into anyone’s box” and how we are helping in ways that no one else is and truly making a difference in their life when it is needed the most.

Moneytalk Financial Foundations mission is to help individuals and families become financially stable through financial literacy, financial coaching, and ongoing support.  The focus is on being a hand-up for these families, not just providing hand-out.  Check out our programs and services to learn about the non-profit, programs, volunteer and support opportunities.

We are inviting you to join forces with Moneytalk to support those families who are in need right here in our own community.  One simple way is by participating in a fundraising event we are hosting in partnership with Mary Hiesberger and Park Lane Jewelry.  With Mother’s Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries and new spring wardrobe purchases, NOW is a perfect time to purchase jewelry for gifts! 

Multiple ways to participate:

  1. Browse the catalog full of jewelry options.  A copy of the catalog can be provided.
  2. Join the Facebook event page where all Moneytalk fundraiser participants can get jewelry tricks and style tips.
  3. Invite your friends to join the party!
  4. Share the Facebook event page.
  5. Host a party and invite your friends.  Contact Mary Hiesberger for more information.
  6. Create a “Wish List” of the items you are considering.  Mary will apply ALL the current specials to work “magic math” and get you the best deal!
  7. Order your jewelry.  Orders may be placed online, completing a printable form, or completing a fillable form online and sending it to Mary.  Pay with check, credit card, or Venmo.
  8. You may also make a donation directly to Moneytalk by going to the Donate page.

Why we chose to partner with Park Lane Jewelry:

  1. Park Lane Jewelry has a 365 day a year customer special: Purchase any 2 items (the lowest price ones of your Wish List) and receive up to any 4 items in the catalog for 1/2 price!  This offers your staff great value for their donation.
  2. There are also monthly specials in addition to the daily special mentioned above.
  3. Your order is shipped as soon as possible.  No waiting until the entire fundraiser event is over before your order is filled.
  4. Orders are shipped directly to your address.
  5. A full 50% of the retail price is donated to the non-profit within 1 week from the closing of the fundraiser.

Key target dates to know:

April 1 – Fundraiser Begins

May 5 – Fundraiser Closes

How will the money help?

Check out how Moneytalk has helped those in need since the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the US.  Services like these have been provided to individuals, single moms, veterans, and families while working toward financial stability.  The monies from this fundraiser will be used to continue supporting those in need right here in the KC Metro.

$38,142 – Provide 1,075 students with high quality, full-size backpacks and all the supplies on their school supply list.

$1,000 – Groceries and grocery gift cards

$1,000 – Prescription medication

$540 – Glasses

$3,500 – Rent, utility, and moving expenses

$505 – Car payment assistance

$915  – Vehicle repair cost assistance

$75 – Gas money

$507 – Insurance premium, Renew tags and registration

$135 – Replace broken cell phone

97 Rides – Driving 2,000 miles to medical appointments, pick up prescriptions, grocery store, food pantry, and so on.

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