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KS Income Tax Credits

Assist with a large grant opportunity through the state of KS to help Moneytalk expand services, increase volunteer opportunities, and most importantly be able to provide expanded services to those in need.

School Supply Drive

We are working with two local Title 1 elementary schools.   Funds raised will be used to ensure all 1,000+ students in the two schools can have backpacks and school supplies.  Our goal was $50 per student for a total of $50,000.  However, with two school approved changes, we were able to reduce the overall cost by 24% taking it down to $38,142.78.

Some of those who indicated they would help fund this project are no longer responding.  We are continue to accept donations and hope to be paid off by mid-December.

Volunteer - Hollywood Casino 400

We need volunteers to help work a concession stand at the Kansas Speedway’s Hollywood Casino 400 race on Sunday, Oct 18th (reschedule date is Monday, Oct 19th).  

The funds raised will be used toward the school supply expense deficit.  The supplies have already been purchased, packed, delivered to the schools, and distributed to the students (except one item still in shipping).  However, the individuals who previously committed to help fund this project are no longer responding and we are stuck scrambling to raise the funds.  One vendor is allowing us to make weekly payments as long as we are paid off by mid December.