Current copies of Moneytalk’s W-9, Letter of Determination, and other key documents are available to download on our Public Documents page for your convenience.


AmazonSmile Foundation donates a portion of every qualifying purchase to the non-profit of your choice.

NAPA Auto Parts Fundraiser

Come spend a day volunteering alongside other volunteers, clients, and sponsors to stock inventory at NAPA Auto Parts warehouse to raise funds for Moneytalk programs and services.

School Supply Drive

For the 2021-2022 school year, Moneytalk will once again be providing backpacks and school supplies for those who are in need.  However, it will be managed differently than last year.

  • An application process will be used allowing Moneytalk to know the recipient, require participation in financial literacy as is the policy for all Ongoing Support, and manage the financial risk to the non-profit.
  • Through partnering with churches, banks, and businesses who already support a neighborhood school, we will enable their funds to go further through the discounted bulk purchasing power, coordination of volunteers to fill the backpacks, and connect with the recipients.
  • Only funding received will be considered when determining the number of applications for assistance will be approved.  Donate now to support school supplies for these students.