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As always, your financial support helps those in need participate in Moneytalk’s financial literacy programs helping their families become financially stable.  Currently, this is not the most urgent need.

As we begin to re-open the economy and discover our “new normal”, there will be an exponentially increasing critical demand for daily support.  Clients have shared and experts (including Moneytalk) believe those who have been without income will be expected to immediately or on a prorated basis pay back rent, utilities, car payments, and more as soon as the economy starts to reopen.  But, their income may not return to previous levels in time to make these payments resulting in increased homelessness and utility discontinuations.  We know of one apartment complex who started eviction as early as April 1st and will follow through as soon as the courts are open. 

The need for financial assistance is urgent and currently on the rise.

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