Work Readiness Program

Work Readiness program helps both adult and youth clients prepare for employment, gain employment, and be successful in the workforce. 

  • Preparation for employment includes soft skills (problem resolution, communication skills, etc), hard skills (writing an email, using an Excel spreadsheet, etc), overcoming obstacles to employment (social security card, birth certificate, etc), skills and interest assessment, career search, and more.  We will be using the Kansas Work Ready evaluation and certification process to determine job readiness.
  • Gaining employment includes job search, resume writing, job interviews skills, and follow-up.
  • Experience can be critical when finding employment.  Internship opportunities with Moneytalk and other organizations will be available as much as possible.
  • Successful employment includes working with them as an employee, communicating with their employer and supervisor, mentoring them on issues prior to becoming a bigger issue, etc.

Many clients have let us know they are interested in starting their own business.  We will most likely be working with Small Business Development Centers to help clients with this initiative.

Job Fairs will be hosted by us at our location.  We will also be communicating job fairs hosted by others, ensuring clients have transportation to attend, and clothing needed.