School Supply Drive 2020-2021

Nieman Elementary School

What you have done for us has been over the top generous!
Mrs Josie Herrera
Nieman Elementary - Principal
You have been incredibly responsive to our needs! We could not have asked for a better community partner! You have put in an extraordinary amount of work of this! Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful gift for our students!
Jennifer Korn-Davis, LSCSW
Nieman Elementary - Social Worker
Thank you! I really appreciate you putting this fundraiser together. What an amazing gift to Nieman and Shawanoe.
Justise Almeida
Nieman Elementary - PTA

Shawanoe Elementary School

Excited is an understatement. I wish that you could be there every time I am able to share with staff in person the gift you have given the staff and our families. Thank you again for an amazing gift – I am not sure we will ever find a way to fully express our gratitude but please know YOU have made a HUGE difference for all of us!
Dr Abby Morgan
Shawanoe Elementary - Principal
I am a teacher at Shawanoe Elementary and I would just like to express my appreciation for all of the school supplies donated to our school. I know these are tough times for our families and these supplies will be well used by our students! Thank you again!!
Ms Katie Black
Shawanoe Elementary - Teacher

Community, Parents, & Volunteers

Truly was a pleasure and honor to place a face to a name. I had an amazing time. Thank you for allowing Simmons to be apart of such an amazing initiative. Look forward to teaming up with you again in the future.
Diamond Turner
Simmons Bank - Commercial Banking & Volunteer
It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to provide assistance in the monstrous task you undertook to ensure the students at Nieman and Shawanoe Elementary school have the needed school supplies for the 2020/2021 school year. If you need volunteer help again in the future, please keep my contact information. I will be happy to share the information within our organization. Good luck with delivery and help getting this project funded.
Anna Slocum
City of Merriam - Director Parks & Recreation & Volunteer
Thank you for your generous donations to the schools! I thought the overall operation was very smooth and appreciate all of your hard work!
Brady & Paula Mattison
Nieman Elementary - Parents & Volunteers
I think each and everyone of the people that make and organize this event are some of the most amazing individuals and I am grateful and feel blessed that I got to meet some of them. God Bless them all and Thank You all.
Sheila Paida
For the first year, Teresa did a great job with everything! This is such a worthy cause and benefits so many children. I would definitely volunteer again. I would love to see some corporate sponsorship in the future to help with the expenses and enable the project to grow.
Cherie Long
City of Merriam
This was a great opportunity to donate my time and meet a tangible need in my community. Signing up was easy and I look forward to helping out again with future opportunities.
Brent Hoskins
Focal Point Financial Group - Owner
Getting free backpacks and school supplies was a great blessing to so many of our Nieman families.
Martha Klein
It was a great experience to see strangers from the community gather to support our student, setting them up for a successful year. I was impressed with the back packs, they were organized and ready to load in cars. The staff at the school were grateful and helpful.
Kim Brown
I feel that the donation of backpacks and school supplies is a very worthy cause, and I was happy to do my part.
Therese Mori
Lenexa Optimist Club - Volunteer
I really enjoyed getting an opportunity to help kids through the school supply back pack project! It was great to know that families were being helped and that the kids had what they needed to start school, whether at home or in-person. Right now, with all the issues in our world, it's nice to be able to help relieve one of the stresses that parents have to deal with to get their kids ready to go back to school.
Jan Soper
Lenexa Optimist Club - Volunteer