Kansas City Teen Summit

During a time when urban and low-income communities are struggling due to COVID-19 and job losses, Kansas City Teen Summit young adults appreciated learning how to budget and save for sustainability. One Kansas City Teen Summit high school student sent a Zoom chat message saying she learned a lot and appreciated the class.
Ms Brenette Wilder
President KC Teen Summit

June 17, 2020 = Due to COVID-19, Kansas City Teen Summit (KCTS) participated in our very first online full-length workshop with an activity.  The budgeting activity usually includes a candy paycheck, provided by Moneytalk.  However, being an online workshop, students were asked to find items around the house to use such as rubber bands, paper clips, cutting up pieces of paper, coins, dry pasta, and so on.  The students did a great job and actively participated in the activity. 

A few of the students completed the workshop survey (another first as it is now available online).  Their responses are below.

What did you learn?
  • Bills are more expensive than I thought
  • It’s always good to have money saved up
  • I learned the difference between bills and needs.
  • I learned why it is important to save, reduce, and not indulge.
  • Budgeting is a really helpful way to see what you’re going to spend and what are your needs and wants.
  • A budget is an estimate of anticipated costs and expenses.
  • Helps provide top management with an overview of all operations, and avoids surprises.
  • What I never knew was budgeting will help you achieve the goals you’re working toward.  In my perspective, it was just saving money, but not any more.
What will you do differently in the future as a result of this activity?
  •  It will help me save money for all the things I need when I get older and live on my own.
  • I will create a list of all the bills I have and what I want / Need.
  • I will reduce and save.
  • This will help me be more organized and see what I need to spend on.
  • To what I’ve learned, it will apply to anywhere I go.  What I mean is like asking myself, “Do I need this or do I want this?”
  • Knowing what’s my limit to spending something I need or want.
  • I will try to budget so my money will last longer.
What did you like?
  • Liked the activity
  • Putting down money for the bills
  • We learned how to differentiate our Bills and our Needs, finding what is essential and what is not.
  • What I liked about the workshop is that later on in the future I can use this.
  • She would give examples.
  • I liked how it works with your mind and connects with the world.
  • How it is preparing for people in a younger age for their future when creating a budget.
  • The workshop was in-depth, as if speaking about insurances and any little detail when comes to consumer decisions.
  • How engaging it is.
Some of the young adults took the time to write additional comments.
  • I really liked it!
  • I learned a lot and really appreciated the class.
  • Everything was helpful.
  • I will keep using this and updating it, probably adding categories like investment and hobbies.
  • I think this is essential