Crossroads Christian Church

Teresa McGarry and her family have been attending Crossroads Christian Church since 2012. I have enjoyed getting to know her. She has a giving spirit and a true heart for the Lord. She is a strong Christian wife, mother, and friend. Teresa has continued to grow in her Christian faith through establishing Moneytalk Financial Foundations, a Christian non-profit organization teaching financial life-skills. As a Christian based organization, Teresa works diligently to make sure God stays front and center. She treats everyone with the love of Jesus, creating a positive, encouraging environment. Teresa worked with an individual requesting financial assistance here at Crossroads Christian Church. She assisted this person in getting their financial situation in order, gathering information needed to create a budget, and develop a spending plan. Unfortunately, once the church was no longer assisting this person financially, the individual quit working with Moneytalk. Although Teresa was not able to progress as far with this individual as hoped, their work together was still very beneficial for this person. We plan to continue sending individuals in financial need to work with Moneytalk.
Brad Fogo
Associate Pastor