Community Feedback & Support

I see a great need for MoneyTalk’s services now and in the future. My experience with MoneyTalk was in the classroom, but their services can also benefit adults as well. Financial Literacy has not traditionally been taught in schools; therefore, we have a community/a nation of adults who are not managing their finances well because they haven’t been taught. This becomes even more critical in today’s times because as we face even greater economic challenges.
Mrs Delores F
Imagine the better choices a teenager might make who understands why a credit card bill balloons with interest or how much federal tax comes out of each paycheck. Imagine what Kansans’ retirement savings could look like if young adults understood the concept of compound interest and began investing in an employer-provided 401k in their 20s rather than a decade or two later.
Mr Gabe M
Youthbuild is deeply committed to civic engagement and ensuring that our trainees have the proper and appropriate skills to be financially responsible citizens. We are excited about the work that we have been able to accomplish with our partners at Moneytalk Financial Foundations.
Mr Spark B
YouthBuild KC - Executive Director
During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I have been impressed with the way that you have been able to pivot and lead Moneytalk in a new project that helps families stretch their financial resources a bit further than might have otherwise been possible. This has been an important addition to the financial education and counseling services already offered by Moneytalk. By adopting two high need elementary schools and providing school supplies for the entire school this year, the students have been prepared for the start of school and their families have been able to channel their available funds to address other needs such as food, rent, utilities and clothing.
Mrs Jan S
Lenexa Optimist Club