Furnishing Assistance

NOTE:  On-Going Services require current active participation in at least one other Moneytalk program working toward becoming financially stable.

Exceptions are being made due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Having a place of your own to call home is an step in becoming financially stable.  Having a home has been proven to also help with physical health, mental health, steady employment, reducing addictions, and much more.

Because stable housing is so integral in helping client’s to reach financially stability, Moneytalk Financial Foundations has become an approved agency through Flourish Furnishings.  Through this collaboration, clients are able to receive donated beds, tables, chairs, towels, curtains, bedding, rugs, lamps, kitchen appliances, dish sets, and so on. 

As clients become financially stable, they are able to replace items at their own pace with new versions.  These replacements may happen through a combination of purchases with their own money at a store of their choosing AND  using their Moneytalk Credits (earned by working toward financial stability) to purchase the items at Moneytalk’s Incentive Store.

Flourish Furnishings

11971 Grandview Rd

Grandview, MO 64030

Southeast of 119th & Grandview Rd

West of I-71 at the Blue Ridge Blvd exit.

The “What Clients Are Offered” document describes what types of furnishings may be available and how many are allowed based on household size.

How does this process work?

  1. The client should complete an application to notify us that they are in need of furnishings assistance.
  2. A Moneytalk case worker will meet with them to ensure their situation meets Flourish Furnishings requirements.  This will include reviewing and completing the client checklist.
  3. The Moneytalk case worker and the client will work together to select an available appointment time.
  4. If the client does not have access to an adequate size vehicle to transport the needed items, Moneytalk will secure a U-Haul (or other moving vehicle) for the appointment.
  5. Prior to the appointment, the client needs to complete the client shopping preferences.  Due to COVID, even general appointments are now being held using Zoom.  The preference sheet helps the staff present appropriate item choices for selection.  If you choose to complete the paper or fillable PDF copy, emails a copy of the preferences to
  6. Your case worker will forward the official form to the Flourish Furnishings staff.
  7. On the day of the appointment, the client will be at Flourish Furnishings with the moving vehicle.  They will participate in the Zoom shopping process.  After the selections are complete, backup the moving vehicle for the staff to load. 
  8. Take the items home, unload, and return the moving vehicle.
  9. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all appointments are on Zoom.  Clients are not allowed in the building at this time due to COVID safety procedures.

Because they are currently hosting all selection processes on Zoom, there are no special appointments for mental health considerations.

When we were able to enter the building to shop, there were specific appointments for clients with mental health challenges.  All of the staff coming and going, taking your selections to start packing them up, and the sheer number of decisions and choices can be overwhelming to anyone.  For those with mental health challenges, the special appointments ensured the client and their case worker were the only clients in the building.  The staff were also considerate of their actions while still making your appointment as efficient as possible.

Yes, if you use the PDF.  You may either print the PDF, complete the form, and scan it back in.  Or, complete the fillable PDF online and save it to your computer.  Then, email the form to and

If you would prefer to complete the online form, your case manager will complete the PDF and send it for you.

For the “general appointments”, yes you must be in the parking lot with the moving vehicle when you make the selections.

They also have “virtual appointments” where you will make your selections on Zoom and pick your items up on a separate day. 

They recommend not bringing children with you.  One concern is having them be a distraction during the selection process, disagreeing on the choices, and needing to use the restroom.

If childcare is a concern, please communicate this to your case worker.  They will help ensure a volunteer is available to care for your children during your appointment.

They recommend no more than 2 people come with you to the appointment.  This is mostly for you to have someone help with the decisions.  So, this should be a trusted friend, family member, or your case worker.

When we were allowed to do our own shopping, you could have 1 person inside with you.

Your case worker or another Moneytalk volunteer will pick you up along with the moving vehicle.  You just need to let them know.


  • They will need to participate in financial coaching just like other clients unless your organization already does this with them. 
  • Your organization will be responsible for sending a $45 check to Moneytalk to cover the referral fee we will be charged.
  • If you would like Moneytalk to coordinate the moving vehicle, your organization will be responsible for the cost associated.