On-Going Support Program

NOTE:  On-Going Services require current active participation in at least one other Moneytalk program working toward becoming financially stable.

Exceptions are being made due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Ongoing Support is focused on providing the wrap-around support and accountability services required to result in long-term change in a client’s money management skills, financial situation, and financial stability.  Many wrap-around services will be available directly through Moneytalk and others will be in partnership with other organizations.

  • Financial Hot Line where existing clients can call with critical financial concerns needing quick resolution.  This support may include minor financial assistance, resource referrals, alternate non-financial solutions, etc.  Individuals not currently working with MTFF may call; but would not be eligible to receive financial assistance.  Through the hotline, we will reduce suicide attempts, help marriages, and reduce criminal activity.
  • Weekly support and accountability opportunities to determine and resolve obstacles to their success.  We will also be providing guidance to help with budget creation, alternatives to spending money, encouragement, and support.
  • Incentive Store is an opportunity for clients to “spend” the “Moneytalk Money” they “earn” through rewards of positive behaviors.  Items in the store will be focused on basic needs including dry grocery goods, toiletries, school supplies, clothes, household items, bedding, kitchen tools, etc.  This is also an opportunity for a real-life budgeting opportunity determining how to “spend” their reward money or save it.  Students also learn about work-ethic: if they do not show up, attend class, get in trouble at school, get good grades on assignments, and so on – they don’t earn any reward dollars and therefore have nothing to spend in the store.
  • Basic skills learning opportunities including home maintenance, gardening, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and many more.  There are many times where they could complete a simple task or repair, saving tons of money, if they only knew how and had the tools needed.  Plus, learning how to do these tasks may open their eyes to career opportunities.
  • Financial assistance for minor expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, and medication.
  • Vehicle assistance to help pay for safety related repairs.  If they cannot get to work, to the doctor, or take their children to school or childcare, they cannot pay the bills and will risk homelessness.

And many other opportunities to support clients.  Many of the support efforts will include collaboration with other organizations and professionals in their field.