What is this?

Financial Fix is an hour long, Christian, financial streaming show where we can all learn new skills, improve our financial knowledge, discover tips to create and stick to a budget, enjoy some praise worship, and learn about Moneytalk as a non-profit.  Our founder and guest speakers will cover a broad range of topics such as:

  • Client success stories
  • Explaining how different financial tools work, common terminology, variations available, how it impacts you, and much more
  • Obvious current day financial topics such as banking, insurance, credit reports
  • Things you can do today such as using coupons, price matching, price comparison, garage sale
  • Planning for the future topics such as investing, Medicare, long-term care, social security
  • Learning new skills so that you can take advantage of money saving options such as homemade products that work using items you already have, simple DIY repairs, refurbish and repurpose
  • Busting myths, misunderstandings, and misinformation
  • Anything and everything that impacts your finances

Where can I view this show?

SOLWIN (Shining Our Light Women’s Inspirational Network), a Christian women’s inspirational network FOR women BY women.  Majority of guest speakers will be women.

The network will be available on ROKU and scheduled to launch June 1st.

  • Content Category:   Money Matters
  • New Episodes available:    Tuesday evenings, 8:00 pm central
  • Previously aired episodes:  Available on-demand

Go to to subscribe, see information about each show that will be available, and learn about the hosts.

Tell me more.

The 1 hour show may include Christian worship music, guest speaker segments, budgeting tips, prayer, and information about Moneytalk itself.  

The purpose for the Moneytalk Minute segment is two-fold:

  • For those considering contacting Moneytalk for help, they need the ability to determine if they feel comfortable reaching out for help, what services are available, and if they qualify for our services.  Which, if they want to work toward financial stability and are willing to learn, they qualify.  
  • For those considering donating, volunteering and/or sponsoring, they need to be able to determine if this is a non-profit they want to support.

Each month will be a series with a specific focus.  This does not mean that each week’s guest speaker(s) for the whole series must be the same person or from the same company.  The topic discussed needs to fit within the series.

As SOLWIN is a network FOR women BY women, the majority of guest speakers must be women.  We are allowed to have a small, about 25%, of our guest speakers to be men.  And, as a Christian network, modest clothing is a must (so no super low cut blouses showing lots of cleavage).  There will also not be any foul language or occult type behaviors or discussions included – they will be removed in editing.

Advertising opportunities are also available. 

Be sure to let them know Teresa McGarry with Moneytalk Financial Foundations connected you!

What's the benefit for the content providers?

There are many reasons why Moneytalk is pursuing this TV show.  Our goal is for this to be win-win-win situation where everyone benefits.

  1. The show’s episodes will always be available for subscribers to find them through the on-demand streaming, learn new information, and get their questions answered.  
  2. When viewers watch the show, they will also be determining if this is a company they feel comfortable connecting with for more information and to do business with.
  3. Because ROKU is available around the globe, the show will be also.  After a new episode airs, it will then be available on-demand for streaming.
  4. Short clips will be taken from the guest speaker segments and used as promotion to watch the entire episode for more information.  These trailers will be posted to our website, business Facebook page, LinkedIn page, YouTube channel, and any other social media we have setup at the time.  Guest speakers and the company (if applicable) will be tagged in the promotional trailer.  Guest speakers are also encouraged to promote their episodes.
  5. Each company will be included on Moneytalk’s Partnerships / Collaborations webpage.  Your logo, a link to your website, the company video, and how the company is supporting Moneytalk will be included.

Why sponsor the show?

Sponsorship monies have supported Moneytalk’s mission in many ways.  As of July 31st, we have provided OVER:

  • $500 in utility assistance
  • $1,000 in pet care assistance
  • $2,000 in grocery assistance
  • $2,000 in prescription assistance
  • $9,000 in housing assistance
  • $15,000 in vehicle assistance (retail value)
  • 2,000 full-size backpacks and school supplies for families in need (all the supplies on their list)
  • 120 rides (driving over 2,325 miles) to meet doctors, grocery store,  and pharmacy needs.

Sponsorship monies will support expanded services which clients are excitedly waiting and desperately needing.  These include services such as:

  • Our own space (click here)
  • Drop & Shop free thrift store (click here)
  • Support group opportunities
  • Food pantry, including non-food, toiletries, and personal care items
  • Incentive Store consisting of new items they can earn
  • Laundry facilities
  • And many more

Bronze Sponsor ($250):

  • Company name & logo displayed at end of show
  • Company name, logo, and website link on Partnership / Collaborations webpage.
  • Shout out on social media
  • Sponsorship included in episode trailer

Silver Sponsor ($500):

  • Bronze benefits
  • 30 second commercial 
  • Commercial will be run at the end of the episode
  • Commercial included on YouTube channel

Gold Sponsor ($1,000):

  • All benefits of Bronze & Silver
  • 60 second commercial
  • Sponsorship included on Moneytalk episode shorts on the YouTube channel
  • Commercial included on Partnership / Collaboration webpage

How can I be on the show?

Complete the form below to let us know about your interest in being a guest speaker on the Financial Fix show.

There are opportunities to be a guest speaker, singer performing popular or your own Christian music, share your own budgeting and moving saving tips, and more.  It is our show, therefore we can make most anything work.  Also, there are other shows on the network that we can help you get connected with.  If you are interested or just want to learn more, complete the form below and we can chat about the options.

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