An Expert's Take

What is this?

An Expert’s Take is a series of short, educational, financially focused videos.  These videos will cover a broad range of topics such as:

  • Explaining how different financial tools work, common terminology, variations available, how it impacts you, and much more
  • Obvious current day financial topics such as banking, insurance, credit reports
  • Things you can do today such as using coupons, price matching, price comparison, garage sale
  • Planning for the future topics such as investing, Medicare, long-term care, social security
  • Learning new skills so that you can take advantage of money saving options such as homemade products that work using items you already have, simple DIY repairs, refurbish and repurpose
  • Busting myths, misunderstandings, and misinformation
  • Anything and everything that impacts your finances

Where can I view the episodes?

Moneytalk’s YouTube channel – be sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

We are working toward having a new episode air every day.  Please be patient while we work toward this goal.

Moneytalk’s Facebook page – when new episodes become available, they will be shared to Moneytalk’s Facebook page.  Be sure to like and follow the page, as well as like and comment on the video.

Teresa’s Moneytalk LinkedIn page – when new episodes become available, they will be shared to Moneytalk’s founder’s LinkedIn page.  Be sure to connect and follow the page, as well as like and comment on the video.

For Moneytalk’s company page, click here.

Moneytalk’s Twitter page – when new episodes become available, they will be shared to Moneytalk’s Twitter page.  Be sure to like and follow the page.

Tell me more.

Each video is 2.5 minutes or less, with 1-2 minutes of financial educational information in each video.

Guest speakers are encouraged to present the information in a variety of formats (such as: interview, skit, lecture, slides, video) depending on what works best to explain the information.  Have fun with the videos and mix it up.

Moneytalk will provide the intro and outro slides, as well as intro and outro voice clips, for consistency and branding.  The guest speaker and company information included is dependent upon the guest speaker/company preference. 

  • For companies – we will have the company logo, guest speaker name, and whatever company information they would like included such as a contact email address, phone number, the company’s website. 
  • For individual speakers (not representing a company) – we will have a personal photo, guest speaker name, and any contact information they are comfortable sharing.

Guest speakers have the choice of editing everything together themselves or just providing the information segment and having Moneytalk create the final video.

What's the benefit for the content providers?

There are many reasons why Moneytalk is pursuing this video series.  Our goal is for this to be win-win-win situation where everyone benefits.

  1. The videos will always be available for viewers to find them, learn new information, and get their questions answered.
  2. When viewers watch the video(s), they will also be determining if this is a company they feel comfortable connecting with for more information and to do business with.
  3. Companies will have videos on a platform that can be found at anytime by anyone.
  4. Each guest speaker representing a company will have a longer (5-15 minute) interview video where they and others from the company can talk about the company itself, services they provide, and what makes them unique.
  5. When videos are uploaded to YouTube and shared to social media sites, the guest speaker and company will be included in the shoutout.  This will help promote both organizations.
  6. Each company will be included on Moneytalk’s Partnerships / Collaborations webpage.  Your logo, a link to your website, the company video, and how the company is supporting Moneytalk will be included.
  7. By helping create video content on Moneytalk’s YouTube channel, you are helping increase our number of subscribers and viewing hours so that the channel can be monetized creating an income stream for Moneytalk.  You are therefore helping generate the funding needed for Moneytalk to have their own location, increase services available to those in need, and provide volunteer opportunities.  This allows you to make a lasting difference for everyone without writing a big check.

How can I be featured in the episodes?

Complete the form below to let us know about your interest in being a guest speaker on the An Expert’s Take series.