Bank Accounts


  •  Understand difference between a bank and a credit union
  • Entering information in a register and the meaning of the running balance
  • Depositing money using deposit slip, direct deposit, and ATM
  • Withdrawing money using checks, debit cards, ATM, online payments, and automatic payments
  • Understanding difference between a debit card and a credit card
  • Reconciling your bank account and how to read a bank statement
  • Savings accounts and emergency funds
  • Understanding how your actual spending and your budget work together
  • Best practices and strategies for successful account management
  • Workshop ends with a hands on activity (shown in some of the photos)

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Review the workshop materials annually to ensure the information is up to date and complete
  • During the workshop, volunteers are needed to help with the workshop activity. 

Donor & Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Printing students paychecks, passports, handouts, and workbooks
  • Snack items for the bank, grocery store and restaurant activity stations
  • Sponsor the workshop and have students practice making purchases from your business (or you can purchase the right to name the business)
  • Supplies for the workshop activity such as colorful table coverings, stamps for their passports, stamp pads, and pens
  • Sample checkbooks are also needed.  If we go through Deluxe (or someone similar) they must be ordered through a bank or credit union.  We can get them through VistaPrint Corporate, but have a large initial setup cost as well as the cost of printing the checkbooks.

Opportunities to help your clients and employees:

  • Offer a fee waiver, reduced interest loan rate, or other benefit for clients who complete financial workshops or coaching
  • Host a workshop at your location for new or youth account holders
  • Host a Lunch N Learn, 1/2 day, or full day workshop
  • Employee Benefits can be offered to help cover cost of financial workshops and coaching.