Moneytalk Academy

Moneytalk Academy is a 6-week financial life-skill workshop series combining the best of all approaches.  

  • Dinner provided to help with the busyness of getting to class after work and school.
  • Childcare provided to prevent the need to coordinate and pay for their care.
  • Workshops at the beginning of each night provided great general information.
  • Guided application time allowed everyone to apply what they had just learned to their own situation while coaches were on-site to answer questions.
  • Graduation to highlight and emphasize their accomplishments for finishing the 6-weeks.

There are multiple Moneytalk Academy’s available.  Pick the focus and topics that best suit your situation.

  1. Basic financial skills including goals, money management, budgeting, credit reports, and vehicle ownership.
  2. Couples (engaged or married) learning how to use financial tools as a way to increase communication, align goals, reduce money fights, and accomplish more by working together.  Topics include goals, money management, budgeting, and credit reports.

NOTE:  Additional focus and topic combinations will be coming soon.

Read the recap from the 1st Moneytalk Academy: