Financial Stewardship Program

MTFF Financial Stewardship program enables individuals to make great strides toward becoming financially independent.  Through this program, individuals have a monthly budget allowing them to successfully manage a bank account, pay their bills in full and on time, reduce their debt, increase their savings, start an emergency fund, save for retirement, purchase a home, purchase a vehicle, increase their credit score, and much more.  These changes in money management lead to more stability in their families, home, health, and job.

Significant improvements in money management happen through financial life-skill education:

  • Personal financial topics such as budgeting, managing a bank account, understanding a credit report, basics of insurance, taxes, protecting their identity, and using coupons
  • Consumer financial topics such as purchasing a vehicle, renting an apartment, and homeownership
  • Diversion will be an opportunity for those who have been writing bad checks to continue working and living in the community while learning how to stop the bad behavior.  It is intended to be an alternative to jail for the smaller offenses and offenders where skills and education are part of the problem.
  • Financial Coaching is one-on-one or couple coaching, mentoring, and guided financial education focused on their situation and goals

Clients are more committed when they are invested in the process.  Therefore, clients sign a Coaching Agreement and financially invest in their future monthly through either a small fee or volunteer hours.  We do not offer a traditional sliding scale.  Instead, we bless them with a need-based scholarship and offer an earned scholarship through volunteering.  The scholarship approach helps build the client’s self-esteem and self-confidence instead of de-valuing them and the service by reducing the cost.  If the client chooses volunteer hours, we do our best to provide them with opportunities they can include on their resume.

In addition to the classroom workshop format and the individualized coaching format, we have started offering a combination workshop series known as Moneytalk Academy.  The academy is dinner, childcare, workshop, and individual application time.  We meet once a week for 6 weeks with the last night being a recap and graduation.  The academy financial topics vary based on the focus of the academy such as basic skills, marriage, home buying, entrepreneurship, in-depth budgeting, teaching your teen, and more.

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Financial Coaching

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