Moneytalk Financial Foundation’s long-term vision consists of 4 programs:

  • Financial Stewardship Program focuses on money management
  • Work Readiness Program focuses on helping individuals with the income and employment side of money management.  This program is only minimally active at this time.
  • After School Program focuses on helping students with homework, providing a safe place to hang out, high graduation support, and adulting 101 skills.  This program is not yet started.
  • On-Going Support Program focuses on the daily needs and wrap-around services needed while working with Moneytalk to reach financial stability for their family.  This program is minimally active at this time.

Testimonials will give you videos, student survey responses, written feedback, and pictures from schools, non-profits, volunteers, students, churches, banks, and the US Army.

Financial Stewardship Program

Consumer Financial Topics

Financial Coaching

Moneytalk Academy

Parenting Financial Topics

Personal Financial Topics

Work Readines Program

After School Program

NOTE:  This program is not yet active.

On-Going Support Program


Future Planned Services