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Flourish Furnishings - Client Shopping Preferences
Client Shopping Preferences required by Flourish Furnishings for all appointments at this time. Once COVID restrictions are lifted and clients are allowed back on the shopping floor, this will only be required for virtual appointments. This form is in sync with the most current version of the Flourish Furnishing form (dated 04-07-2020).
1Your Household
4Other Items
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6Wrap It Up

Filling out the information below will help shoppers meet your personal needs so your living space feels like home.

What you will receive depends on the size of your household and the current availability of items in our warehouse. Flourish Furnishings stock varies on a daily basis and we may not be able to meet your exact specifications.
Flourish Furnishings does not provide baby / toddler equipment or furniture, but this information may help us find bedding, towels, throws, and other miscellaneous items that the children might like.

If you would rather complete a paper copy of the form, print the PDF document.  Or complete the form online using the fillable PDF and email it to