Flourish Furnishings

Flourish Furnishings is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit located in Grandview, MO.  Clients needing furniture, beds, bedding, towels, tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, cabinets, end tables, and other furnishings can select from donated items at no charge.

Moneytalk Financial Foundations, like all approved agencies, pays $45 for clients to have the opportunity to furnish their home.  We also work with U-Haul to provide a vehicle large enough to transport the items.

11971 Grandview Rd,

Grandview, MO 64030

Southeast of 119th & Grandview Rd

West of I-71 at the Blue Ridge Blvd exit


The “What Clients Are Offered” document describes what types of furnishings may be available and how many are allowed based on household size.

For example, a household with 1-2 people can select 1 bed, where a household with 3-5 people may select 2 beds, and 6 or more people may select up to 3 beds.

If you need help with furnishings, please complete the following form:

If you are in need of assistance obtaining donated furnishings, complete the application.  It will be reviewed and determine if your situation meets Flourish Furnishing’s qualifications for participation.

If you have an appointment with Flourish Furnishings, please complete the following forms:

Client checklist is required as part of confirming acceptance and understanding about the rules and procedures to be followed as part of the appointment.

COVID-19 safety procedures mean clients will no longer be allowed inside the building to select their items.  Instead, a Shopping Preference form needs to be completed prior to the scheduled appointment.

At the appointment time, client will join a Zoom call to make the final selections.  The selected items will be loaded into the vehicle and taken home immediately.

Virtual appointments use the same shopping preference form.  However, the Zoom call and item pick up are on separate days.

Please complete the survey below and let us know about your experience.  We cannot improve if we don’t know what needs to change.