Coaching Agreement

Complete the Coaching Agreement below to confirm your commitment to participating fully in Moneytalk’s Financial Coaching process. 

  • There is NO penalty for early cancellation of the agreement.
  • If you wish to continue past this agreed timeframe, a new agreement will be completed.

Moneytalk agrees to:

  • Provide a financial coach to meet with the client once or twice per month
  • Keep information confidential and restricted to the financial coaching team, unless illegal activity is
    found or law enforcement has a valid need to know as approved only by the executive director
  • Accurately report coaching agreement payments to the credit reporting agencies with the intention of
    providing current positive activity and improving the client’s credit score
  • Complete MTFF’s action items, document meetings, and email action items to client
  • Award need-based scholarship toward cost of coaching and workshops based on organization’s policy