Partnerships & Collaborations

Current, active partnerships and collaborations are listed below.

Inactive and expired partnerships and collaborations have been removed from this page.

Alliance for Economic Inclusion

Alliance for Economic Inclusion - FDIC

Moneytalk has been a member of the FDIC’s AEI (Alliance for Economic Inclusion) since our inception in 2012.

The AEI is an FDIC organization comprised of banks, credit unions, non-profits, and for-profit organizations working together to help the low-to-moderate income (LMI) underserved population become banked and financially stable.

Christian Brothers Automotive - Shawnee

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee is one of our partners for vehicle safety related repairs.

One of the owner’s is also an officer on Moneytalk’s Board of Directors.

Faith Community City Partnership

City of Shawnee, KS


Moneytalk has been involved with the Faith Community City Partnership (previously named Catalyst) since its inception in 2014. 

The churches in the city of Shawnee, non-profits organizations serving in the city, and city staff get together quarterly to discuss the community needs and how we can work together to resolve them.  We focus on 4 areas – Community Needs, Emergency Preparedness, Education, and Spiritual Support.

Moneytalk originally was represented on the Emergency Preparedness team as we were active members on the city’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) as a founding member, certified trainer, and advisory board member.  Moneytalk has been represented in all of the groups at some point over the years.  Currently, we have representation on Education and Community Needs groups.

Flourish Furnishings

Flourish Furnishings Logo


Moneytalk became an approved partnering organization in July 2020.

Flourish Furnishings accepted many types of donated items in addition to furniture.  Partnering organizations have assigned individuals (volunteer or staff) assigned to serve as Case Managers.  These individuals verify client need, ensure client understands their responsibilities, coordinates scheduling of “shopping” appointment, and helps arrange transportation of selected items.

This partnership will allow Moneytalk better assist individuals and families in need with housing stability.

Lenexa Optimist Club

Lenexa Optimist Club - Bringing Out the Best in Kids


Moneytalk has been a member of the Lenexa Optimist Club since 2018.

Optimist Club’s are focused on helping kids.  The Moonlight Bike Ride is their one big fundraiser each year.  The ride starts at 10 pm and consists of 600+ bicyclist, family friendly, a decorated bike contest, and a ride through the city including the Meritex Caves.  The ride ends with Chris Cakes pancakes and sausage back at the starting point.  The funds raised are used to support organizations that help kids.  Moneytalk’s founder and executive director, Teresa McGarry, has assisted with the bike ride by soliciting sponsors, distributing flyers, folding t-shirts, filling the rider’s packets, distributing the rider’s packets, and being a HAM Radio operator in Lenexa’s Meritex caves.

A portion of the monies raised from the Moonlight Bike Ride are donated to Moneytalk.

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, the 2020 bike ride has been postponed.  Check the website link below for more information and registration for next year’s ride.  Contact Moneytalk if you are interested in being a sponsor for the ride.

MoneySmart KC

MoneySmart KC


Moneytalk has been a involved with the MoneySmart KC website of resources since our inception in 2012.  We have included many of our financial literacy workshop and volunteer opportunities on this site.

MoneySmart KC is a website, developed through the FDIC’s AEI initiative, to provide online resources to financial educational information, calendar of other organizations financial learning opportunities, volunteer needs, and much more.

YouthBuild KC

YouthBuild KC

Moneytalk provides an 8-week financial literacy workshop series for the students at YouthBuild KC.