Moneytalk Financial Foundations

Helping families become financially stable.

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck or feeling broke? Contact us for a free consultation to determine if Moneytalk services would be helpful for you.

Sign-up for Financial Literacy services to improve your money management skills such as how to budget, preparing to become a homeowner, understanding your credit report, preventing money fights in your marriage, and much more.

Workshops are single topic, stand alone sessions.  Our most common topics are budgeting and understanding your credit report.  If there are no sessions scheduled for the topic you want to attend, add yourself to the wait list and we will get it scheduled.

Moneytalk Academy is a 6-week series (meeting 1 night a week for about 90 min) where all of the topics are related to a central theme such as “1st Time Homebuyer” or “Money Management for Couples”.  If an academy theme you want is not currently scheduled, add yourself to the wait list so we can get it scheduled.

Let us know about Ongoing Support needs you may have in order to help you become financially stable such as vehicle repair, rent assistance, grocery gift card, free thrift store, and more.  NOTE:  These services are only available for active clients.  If you are currently participating in financial literacy services, you will be expected to begin as part of receiving these services.  Our focus is being a hand up, not a hand out.

Vehicle safety related repair assistance to help ensure you have reliable transportation to work, school, appointments, grocery store, and so on.  Only safety related items, as determined by the repair shop, will be considered.

Scholarship application for financial assistance with rent, groceries, utilities, school needs, cost of workshops or academy, and more.  If you have a request not included in the predefined list, let us know and we will follow-up.

Fundraisers / Sponsorships

Wish List

The “Wish List” contains a current listing of volunteer, donation, sponsor, and support needs all in one place.  If you want to know quickly what you can do now to best help those in need through Moneytalk, this is the page to watch.

KS Speedway Fundraiser

Sign up to help with the concession stand at the Hollywood Casino race on Sat Oct 23rd & Sun Oct 24th at the KS Speedway!

Drop & Shop

This will be a dignified store where clients can shop, at no cost, for the clothing, shoes, and coats they need for themselves and their families.  Drop off what you don’t need so clients can Shop for what they do need.

Sponsor & Volunteer opportunities

Check out the Support opportunities available for upcoming events, workshops, academy sessions, and more.

While many events benefit by having volunteers, there are usually financial opportunities to support, donate, or sponsor as well.

Vehicle Assistance

Be a part of helping those in need with safety related repairs on their vehicle.

Clients need the ability to get to work to earn the money needed to pay rent and buy groceries, purchase medications, attend medical appointments, get to the food pantry or grocery store, and much more.

Feature Video

Additional testimonials from clients, students, teachers, pastors, community members, other non-profit organizations, and military professionals can be found by going to our TESTIMONIALS page.

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