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Bonner Springs Tiblow Days - Information:

Tiblow Days - 2019 Schedule

Moneytalk will be hosting a food booth as a fundraiser during the Tiblow Days event. 

We would love to have volunteers to help work the food booth and donors of the food and supplies needed to help reduce the upfront costs. Click here to sign up.

Select the opportunities that work best for you.

  • Volunteer at the booth
  • Donate money for specific equipment, supplies, or food needs
  • Purchase the equipment, supplies, or food.  We will pick it up or you can drop it off so we can keep everything together.

AmazonSmile has just introducedd “Charity Lists” where non-profits can provide a selection of items they need.  Then, supporters can purchase the item and Amazon will ship it directly to the non-profit.  I believe I read there is no shipping on these items

Equipment - (re-usable from one event to another)

  • Portable BBQ grill, cleaning brush, grill tools
  • Banquet tables, chairs, and table coverings
  • Display and supply storage shelving
  • Pop-up tent and mesh sides

Supplies - (non-food items used during the event but could be saved for next event)

  • Disposable steam tray pans, sterno cans
  • Paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, paper towels

Food & Drink - (items served during the event)

  • Chicken, chips, drinks, cookies, buns, condiments
  • Donuts, muffins, milk, juice (Sat morning only)
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