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    Financial Stewardship:  Click here

      The focus of this program is to teach the basics of many of the financial life skill tools available. 

      The workshops include:

      • Why the financial tool is important
      • Basic terminology related to the financial tool
      • Key features, products, and information of the financial tool
      • Interactive learning through exercises and activities

      While a workshop environment is helpful for many, some people would benefit from working with a financial coach, one on one, to address their specific situation.  We work with individuals, couples, and families  needing additional help.  We have also worked with individuals requesting financial assistance from churches and other organizations.

    Work Readiness:  Click here

      This program is in the development phase.  The focus of this program is to help individuals learn the life skills necessary to obtain and maintain, not just a right-now job, but a career.

Workshop Cost

    Workshops taught as an add-on service for clients of other non-profit organizations are typically offered at no cost.  The workshop costs will be covered by donations, grants, corporate sponsorships, and fundraisers.

    Workshops and summer money camps open to the community, even if located at a non-profit, will have a fee for the workbooks at minimum.

Workshop Locations

    Workshops can be offered in many locations.  Click here to learn more about the current locations.

    • Workshops are offered in partnership with other non-profit organizations
    • Workshops are offered in schools
    • Workshops can be offered at community centers, libraries, activity centers, churches, etc.
    • Workshops teaching parents how to teach their children financial life skills can also be held at for-profit businesses for their employees.

    If you would like to host a class for your group, please contact us to schedule the classes.

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