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Below is a list of resources gathered to date you might find helpful.  If you  have additional resources you would like to see added, please contact us. 

Annual Credit Report

Credit Law Center

Insurance - Health, Dental, and Life

Mercy & Truth Medical Missions


    Locations in Shawnee, KS and Kansas City, KS

    Reduced cost medical care and medications, some at no cost.  They also treat Type 1 diabetic patients.

MoneySmart KC


    Part of the FDIC and Alliance for Economic Inclusion, the MoneySmart KC website contains resources, training videos, and upcoming classes on many topics.

Opt Out of Credit Offers

    Phone # 1-888-5optout (1-888-567-8688)

    Contact the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies to leave your name off lists for pre-approved, unsolicited credit, and insurance offers.  (from Annual Credit Report FAQ)

Student Loan Report - Scholarships


    Learn about finding and applying for scholarships, types available, searching, writing essays, letter of recommendation, avoiding scams, and more.

Tuck - Advancing Better Sleep


    They cover everything sleep-related, from the science behind it to tips for getting a better night’s rest.  They also have guides on careers in sleep health and science, articles by medical professionals debunking sleep myths, and articles about why sleep deprivation lowers productivity and creativity at work.

NOTE:  Coaching client referral resources are not listed here.   Moneytalk will be in communication with the referral resource prior to making the referral to coaching clients.

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