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Financial Foundations

913-538-1465         PO Box 860184, Shawnee, KS 66286   

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We have several brochures available.  The cost covers printing and shipping expenses.

  • Workshop - Brochure includes information and pictures of most common and popular workshops (bank accounts, budgeting, insurance, and mock job interviews), additional topics currently available, lunch & learn opportunity, sponsor and volunteer opportunities.
  • Coaching - Brochure includes goals for seeking out coaching services, how the process works, cost, need-based scholarship opportunity, workshop discounts, length of coaching agreement, and benefits.
  • Donors & Volunteers - Brochure includes opportunities to volunteer and how donations will be used to support behind the scenes, before and during workshops, spreading the word, and financial support.
  • Churches - Brochure includes testimonials, resources and services for church members and those asking for financial assistance, opportunities for the church and church members to support Moneytalk, and description of the most popular workshops.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions - Brochure includes testimonials, resources and services for those in need, number of students serviced per county, organization memberships, and opportunities to support and collaborate.


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