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Services - Testimonials: Turner Middle School

Turner Middle School

1312 S 55th St, Kansas City, KS 66106

7 Students Share Their Experience


Ms Rachel Hand - JAG-K Specialist

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My students loved the hands-on activities Teresa had to offer. As she got to know the students each time she was here, she made sure that she tailored the lessons to fit their needs.  Students who had NO idea about banking and money were helping teach it to other students in school within a few lessons.  The students loved the real life money activity where they were able to pretend like they went to the bank with their paycheck and then had to go around and pay their bills at different interactive stations.

From teacher's perspective, I was so appreciative of how flexible Teresa was.  She was able to review the personal standards I had to cover in my curriculum and make sure the lessons reflected that.  She was also flexible on scheduling her dates for coming in to do the lessons. She has a true heart for helping people learn about how to manage their money.


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Mr Colin Watts, 7th grade counselor


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