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Services - Testimonials: Truman High School

Truman High School

3301 S Noland Rd, Independence, MO 64055

Some of the responses from 400 students after completing the hands-on budgeting activity on March 5, 2018.  We asked the students 3 basic questions.  Some of their responses are very insightful, others are quite humorous, while others are a little sad.

What did you learn?

  • How much money they can spend
  • What insurance might cost
  • Need to save for the unexpected
  • You will always need something and have to sacrifice something else
  • Budgets are important
  • Being an adult is hard
  • Budgeting is complicated
  • I learned that when you start growing up that it is not easy
  • Money goes quickly
  • There are more important things than vacation
  • Life is expensive!!!
  • I won't get everything I want

What will you do differently in the future?

  • Spend my money on things that I need
  • Have a better idea of how much stuff costs
  • Focus on important things more
  • Manage before doing
  • You have to work a lot and not be lazy
  • Make sure to have money in case something bad happens
  • Put more money into needed things, or get a new job
  • Get a higher paying job so that it's easier to do more things (paycheck was calculated at $15/hour)
  • Not spend so much on clothes
  • Go to the bank and get lessons
  • Not go out to eat, ever!

What did you like (at least 2)?

  • We got to eat candy (very common answer, that is why we ask for 2 responses).  One student stated "I like how we used candy to symbolize money.  It made it more fun"
  • It was hands-on (saw this one many times)
  • There is more things in life than buying a car and house
  • I will make a lot of money, and then become broke (paycheck was $1,850 for 1 month)
  • Having the scenarios of the unexpected things that can happen in life
  • The strategizing
  • I like how interactive it was and how it showed all sorts of fees
  • Was fun and got to do something
  • How you could really see what our parents go through
  • Lack of realism (this one has quite a surprise coming.  prices were realistic)

Some high school students took time to write additional comments!

  • Thank You!
  • Fun activity
  • Were all these prices reality? (answer is yes)
  • Why must this be so stressful? (same student said she learned nothing from the activity because she already knows how to budget)
  • This made me think more and it kind of worried me about my future.  It's a lot of work.
  • This opened my eyes
  • Great project (they really had fun and almost 100% participation)
  • Had fun, was cool (from a high school student!)
  • Save money
  • Might wanna give a "higher paycheck", most jobs that are full time get payed more. (FYI - the paycheck was calculated at $15/hour minus 25% tax full-time for $1,850 for the month.)
  • Very fun and creative idea to get kids attention
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