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Closer Look Demo

    An opportunity for individuals and organizations wanting to learn more about Moneytalk and have hands-on exerperience of student’s favorite workshop activities.  The demo is FREE to attend.


    Coaching process is working one-on-one helping individuals and couples learn new skills, guide them through the process, and support them getting from where they are to where they want to be. 

    Credit Reporting for individuals and couples participating in coaching will have their monthly payments reported to the credit reporting agencies.  Donors with a pledge will also have the ability to have the payments reported on their credit reports.  This reporting will help to increase their credit score and show recent payment activity.

Consumer Finance

    Workshops focused on learning how to prepare for some of life’s significant financial commitments.  Current topic is Purchasing a Vehicle.

Vehicle Assistance

    Vehicles can be donated to Moneytalk.  Any needed safety repairs will be made and the vehicle gifted to a single mom, widow, or other person in need.  Program also includes assisting individuals in need of financial assistance making safety repairs on their existing vehicle.

Parent Financial Life-Skills are in a group settings include topics teaching parents how to teach their children various financial life-skills.

    Attend a workshop where parent’s learn budgeting and cash flow skills while learning how to teaching budgeting to their child.  This workshop is available as both a Lunch & Learn as well as a full day.  There are also 1/2 day workshops where parents and their child attend together for a guided workshop of learning budgeting for your child.

Personal Financial Life-Skills are in a group setting for topics in area schools, as add-on for other non-profits, and in the community.

Request new topics or additional services

    Are there personal, parental, or business topics you would like to have added?  Complete the form and it will be added to the list.

Requested Future Services

    The existing list of request services and financial life-skill topics is available here.

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