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Services: Requested for Future Development

We have several additional services planned and many more have been requested:

  • Using technology to aid in managing your personal finances (Quicken, Excel, etc)
  • Training for those wanting to purchase a home (such as through Neighbor Works)
  • Basic home ownership skills including minor home repairs, yard maintenance, etc
  • Cooking your own meals are less expensive (and many times healthier and taste better).  Many individuals do not know how to cook and/or do not have the equipment available (pots, pans, spatula, mixing bowls, measuring cups, etc).  We would like for them to practice cooking at the Moneytalk location, have a meal to take home to their family, and be able to provide the basic equipment for those who request the assistance.
  • Basics of renting an apartment - understanding a lease agreement, level pay plan for utilities, how will they do laundry, what type of services and features should they look for and which ones should they stay away from, understanding the terminology, what happens when something breaks, and much more.
  • What you need to know about purchasing and owning a vehicle including sales tax, inspection (especially if purchased from out of state), regular maintenance, annual tags and registration, insurance, gas, etc
  • After school program to enable students to finish high school through tutoring and support, provide them a safe place to hang out, backpacks with school supplies at the beginning of the school year, computer access, needed supplies for school projects, food for the weekend, ability to wash their clothes, etc
  • Financial hot line - KidsTLC Street Outreach Services coordinator at the time said this would be wonderful.  They have homeless teens trying to pay for a speeding ticket, have trouble getting to the grocery store or doctors appointment, and many more.  Helping individuals deal with their financial stress, referring them to organizations that can fulfill the requested need, or providing a meaningful alternative may help prevent them from doing something illegal or life threatening.
  • Employment preparation (cover letters, interview skills, resumes, soft skills, basic computer skills, Kansas Work Ready certificate, etc), incorporate Career Cruising website tools, and support adjusting to full time employment
  • Basic business financial skills - Many of the skills are very similar (such as managing a bank account, creating a budget, needing insurance, and cash flow planning).  However, many are different, a unique set of skills, and a new set of terminology.  Many of the individuals we have worked with feel they will succeed best by owning their own business.  Many of these individuals also need to understand how their personal finances impact their bankability for a business loan.

We would love to add your ideas, suggestions, and requests to the list.  These additional workshops are developed and services are implemented based on requests, space, and financial support.

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