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Services - Personal: Protect Your Identity

Protecting Your Identity workshop includes the following skills depending on the length of the workshop:

  • Understanding identity theft vs identity fraud
  • What are common methods used to steal your information
  • Simple steps you can take to protect your information
  • Identify some simple ways you can determine whether or not you have been a victim
  • If you are a victim, what are the first steps to take
  • How can you clean up your credit report

Volunteer Opportunities for activity:

  • Prior to the workshop, volunteer working in the identity theft prevention, recognition, and restoration industry should complete the 2018 annual review of the workbook to ensure the information is up to date and complete

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Printing students worksheets and workbooks
  • Host a workshop at your location for new or youth account holders
  • Offer a fee waiver, reduced interest loan rate, or other benefit for clients who complete financial workshops or coaching
Identity Theft Shredder
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