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Services - Personal: Debt Elimination

Debt Elimination workshop includes the following skills depending on the length of the workshop:

  • Understand what debt is and how it works
  • What are the benefits of getting your debt paid off
  • Identify different types of debt - line of credit, revolving, etc
  • Dangers of co-signing
  • Pros and Cons of debt consolidation
  • What do you do when the minimum debt payments are more than you have available to pay them
  • Best practices, tips, and strategies for staying out of debt
  • How to use credit to improve your FICO credit score while not spending money on interest
  • What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Why you need to know about the 1099-C tax form

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Printing students worksheets and workbooks
  • Host a workshop at your location for new or youth account holders
  • Offer a fee waiver, reduced interest loan rate, or other benefit for clients who complete financial workshops or coaching
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