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Services - Personal: Budgeting

Money Management Planning workshop includes the following skills depending on the length of the workshop:

  • Budgeting
    • Benefits of creating a budget
    • Potential budget formats and how to create a format that works for you
    • How to get started if you have never created a budget before
    • What to do if your income is inconsistent (commission, tips, etc)
    • How to prioritize your budget expenses, including separating needs and wants
    • Best practices for what to do with extra money such as coming in under budget, making more tips than normal, receiving a gift, overtime pay, etc
  • Cash Flow Planning
    • How to determine when you will have the cash to pay the expense
    • How to determine how much to save from each paycheck for larger bills such as rent, mortgage, or car payment
  • Best practices and strategies for how to stick to your budget
  • Workshop includes hands on activities

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Prior to the workshop, volunteers can help with prepping materials and supplies for the workshop.
  • During the workshop, volunteers are needed to help with the workshop activity. 

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Printing students worksheets and workbooks
  • Donation of candy and treats used in activity
  • Host a workshop at your location for new or youth account holders
  • Offer a fee waiver, reduced interest loan rate, or other benefit for clients who complete financial workshops or coaching
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