Volunteer Opportunities for school activity:

  • Social workers and professionals in the areas of need would be eligible for consideration on the coaching team.

Starting a business?  Getting married?  Moving out on your own?  And many other life goals.

Coaching is a service working with individuals and couples working with a financial coaching team to teach financial skill; help reach financial goals; and support through the process.

You will have a signed agreement committing to the coaching process and allowing Moneytalk to report your monthly payments on your credit reports.  Current payment activity has a bigger impact on your credit score than past activity.

Cost is $50 per month for 1 or 2 sessions.  Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis.  Length of time is up to you.

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Cash donations to support the scholarship blessings for these clients
  • Gift cards to be given to help with groceries, food, and gas
  • Small items to be used as encouragement and reward for progress