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Services: Donated Vehicle

Have a used vehicle to donate?  Are you a mechanic?  Do you or your company work with automotive parts?  Are you willing to help clean a donated vehicle?

Moneytalk Financial Foundations has partnered with Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee, KS .

Christian Brothers donates the labor to make needed safety repairs on the vehicle.  Moneytalk works to provide funding or in-kind donations for the needed parts.

The vehicle is then gifted to an individual or family in need.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Anyone with mechanic skills is welcome to possibly assist with the safety repairs of the donated vehicle.  NOTE:  Final approval of volunteer mechanics is at the discretion of Christian Brothers Automotive.

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Parts needed for safety repairs
  • Vehicle donations
  • Cash to purchase parts needed for safety repairs
Donated Vehicle
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