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Services:  Financial Coaching

Starting a business?  Getting married?  Moving out on your own?  And many other life goals.

Individuals or couples work with a financial coach to learn financial skills; help reach financial goals; and receive support through the process in the Financial Life-Skill Coaching process.

You will have a signed agreement committing to the coaching process.  The length of the contract is determined by you and the goals you would like to accomplish.

    Upcoming Service  - Moneytalk will report your monthly payments on your credit reports.  Current payment activity has a bigger impact on your credit score than past activity.

Cost is $50 per month a max of 2 hour long sessions.  The first session will be focused on building financial skills and learning new tools.  The second session will focus on review of previous month’s budget, challenges you faced, modifying the budget process to fit your needs better, and creating the next month’s budget.

    There are two types of scholarships available to help with the cost.

    First is a need based scholarship.  The amount of the scholarship is determined by a combination of net income, basic needs, and minimum payments on active debt.  The scholarship is good for 6 months and will be re-evaluated at that tme.

    The second is a volunteer based scholarship.  You may choose to work a set number of volunteer hours to help cover all or a portion of your coaching agreement.  We will try to provide you opportunities to use your existing skill set or learn new skills which can be included on your resume.  If we do not have enough volunteer opportunities, you will be paired with a partnering non-profit.

Volunteer Opportunities for school activity:

  • Social workers and professionals in the areas of need would be eligible for consideration on the coaching team.

Donation & Sponsor Opportunities

  • Cash donations to support the scholarship blessings for these clients
  • Gift cards to be given to help with groceries, food, and gas
  • Small items to be used as encouragement and reward for progress
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