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Speaker Request:

Would you like to have Moneytalk come to your school, nonprofit, small group, church, business, etc.  Complete the general questions below and we will contact you to complete the scheduling and coordination of your event.

What topics:

    For schools and youth organizations, most popular are bank accounts, budgeting, insurance, and how to ... (purchase a vehicle, rent an apartment, etc)

    Download a complete listing of financial life-skills workshops and main topics.  Cliick here

Anticipated length:

    For schools, 6 classes of 45 minutes each or 3 classes of 90 minutes

Estimated number of attendees: (this is primarily for planning resources and fund raising)

    For schools, 6 classes with average of 24 students each for about 150 students

    For business or other organization, 2 times in a room that supports 50 people for 100 attendees


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