• How did Moneytalk get started?

    In June 2009, Teresa McGarry, our founder and executive director, completed financial counselor training through the Lampo Group owned by Dave Ramsey.

    While leading a Financial Peace University (FPU) program, on of the attendees expressed a desire to start a prison ministry.  He wanted his nonprofit to be a continuum of care extending 6 months before and after release.  By providing this care, he would help reduce an individuals likelihood of returning to jail (recidivism) by committing additional crimes.   The programs he wanted to include were FPU (lead by Teresa McGarry, our founder and executive director), Celebrate Recovery (hurts, habits and addictions), Prepare and Enrich (stress and coping skills), and Offender Workforce Development (career employment, not just a “right now” job).

    In Feb 2012, we me with re-entry coordinators at Lansing Correctional Facility.  While they were not interested in his idea, they wanted to talk with Teresa about the financial education.  She expressed how most of the inmates have not completed high school; struggle to read, write, and do math; have never had a job; and have never had a bank account.  They had searched for over 3 years and had not been able to find an organization that would come to them and teach basic financial life-skills.  Their volunteers took bits and pieces from both Moneysmart KC and FPU (which are both too high level for their clients), simplified them, and taught the inmates.

    Teresa developed Moneytalk’s programming.  The initial workshops were taught at various correctional facilities.  We received our tax id July 2013 and our nonprofit, tax exempt status June 2014.  Majority of workshops are now taught in the community.

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