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    Moneytalk Financial Foundations, Inc is a charitable non-profit organization.  We received our 501(c)(3) status on June 4, 2014.  Our EIN is 46-3216486.

    Moneytalk is a Christian based organization and teach the money management principles found in the Bible.  There are Bible verses found in many of the topic workbooks.

    Our mission is to provide basic financial life-skill education for low-income, homeless, and youth.

    Moneytalk’s goals for 2017 are now available.


    While testimonials are included on the organization’s page, click here to read them all.

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Our Partners

    It takes all of us working together to make Moneytalk Financial Foundations a success.  Whether you are staff, volunteer, financial supporter, prayer warrior, sponsoring / partnering company, partnering non-profit, or any other role, you are a partner.  You are a champion for this organization.

    The staff, volunteers, and students thank you for everything you are doing, no matter how small you may think your contribution is.

Our Students

    Many individuals have never had the opportunity to learn many of the basic financial life-skills.  For example, it can be very expensive to pay for everything with cash or money order.  This not only costs money, but also lots of time.

    These skills are crucial for everyone to master.  Within the correctional facility, for example, all clients show lack of financial skills as a high risk area for recidivism.  This program is designed to address this risk and help the clients build strong financial foundation skills.


    Moneytalk Financial Foundations is a member of many organization.  These strategic memberships help promote the organization, build partnerships, and expand our reach.

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Board of Directors

    Click here to learn about our Board of Directors.

Public Documents

    Many documents related to a non-profit need to be publicly available.  These documents are available on this website.  You may view them, download them, or contact us for a copy.

    Click here to see the listing of public documents available.

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