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Rachel Hand, JAG-K Specialist at Turner Middle School (page link)

  • My students loved the hands-on activities Teresa had to offer. As she got to know the students each time she was here, she made sure that she tailored the lessons to fit their needs. Students who had NO idea about banking and money were helping teach it to other students in school within a few lessons. The students loved the real life money activity where they were able to pretend like they went to the bank with their paycheck and then had to go around and pay their bills at different interactive stations.
  • From teacher's perspective, I was so appreciative of how flexible Teresa was. She was able to review the personal standards I had to cover in my curriculum and make sure the lessons reflected that. She was also flexible on scheduling her dates for coming in to do the lessons. She has a true heart for helping people learn about how to manage their money.

Elizabeth Hall, Director of Community Resources at KidsTLC (page link)

  • KidsTLC provides children with a continuum of care through innovative and successful psychiatric treatment, homeless outreach to teens, outpatient behavioral health, autism and parent support programs. We have had the privilege of working with Moneytalk since April 2016. Since that time, kids living on our campus have had the opportunity to learn about key topics that often got missed as they bounced from placement to placement.  Moneytalk takes a subject that is often met with groans and frustration and turns it into games and experiences - providing a fun, interactive way to learn about valuable financial topics.  During a recent budget/spending activity, several girls got into a conversation about being roommates, how they would split costs and what they could do without, kids were talking and planning for the future!  KidsTLC is grateful for community partners, like Moneytalk, that share their time, knowledge and passion with our kids.

Monique Person, JAG-K Specialist at FL Schlagle High School (page link)

  • My experience as well as my students this year with Money Talk Financial has been positive. Students were able to gain some insight on the importance of budgeting and goal setting. They had a great opportunities to participate in some hands on activities. Those students who were not socially interactive became more interactive during that time. Students got the chance to enhance their learning. I would recommend to someone else.

Misty Honnold, Founder/Executive Director at The Single Mom KC (page link)

    ”I am always tentative about financial workshops but Teresa did GREAT navigating the ladies and answer questions. There were a lot of frustrated women, it's hard to comprehend how to budget when I am not even making ends meet!  There was GREAT dialogue!”

Jonathan Fisher, CPT, Chaplain USARMY (page link)

    This class is having a dynamic impact on our inmate population. Thank you for giving so much to these, often forgotten, members of our community.

Michael Henderson, MAJ, Chaplain USARMY (page link)

    First of all, I would like to say thank you for what you are doing for our inmates at the Joint Regional Confinement Facility. Well done, Thou good and faithful servant! The inmates at The Joint Regional Confinement Facility are also very grateful for the financial class that Ms. McGarry has been teaching.  Her "Money Talk" manual is well organized and quite comprehensive. She is providing financial tools to inmates that are helping them build strong financial foundations. Because of Ms. McGarry's work, the financial literacy of our inmates has increased dramatically. Therefore, her work will have an impact on reducing our inmate recidivism rate..

Pastor Brad Fogo, Crossroads Christian Church (page link)

    Teresa McGarry and her family have been attending Crossroads Christian Church since 2012.   I have enjoyed getting to know her.  She has a giving spirit and a true heart for the Lord.  She is a strong Christian wife, mother, and friend.

    Teresa has continued to grow in her Christian faith through establishing Moneytalk Financial Foundations, a Christian non-profit organization teaching financial life-skills.  As a Christian based organization, Teresa works diligently to make sure God stays front and center.  She treats everyone with the love of Jesus, creating a positive, encouraging environment.

    Teresa worked with an individual requesting financial assistance here at Crossroads Christian Church.  She assisted this person in getting their financial situation in order, gathering information needed to create a budget, and develop a spending plan.  Unfortunately, once the church was no longer assisting this person financially, the individual quit working with Moneytalk.  Although Teresa was not able to progress as far with this individual as hoped, their work together was still very beneficial for this person.  We plan to continue sending individuals in financial need to work with Moneytalk.

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