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Moneytalk is a 501c3 charitable Christian non-profit organization helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and living paycheck to paycheck through financial life-skill education, coaching, ongoing support, and more. 

Upcoming Events

Feb 28 - VOL OPP - Budgeting Activity

    Registration deadline - Feb 26

    Volunteer Opportunity at Wyandotte High School to help 2 classes of 25 and 12 students respectively learn about creating a budget during a hands-on simulated life activity.

Mar 7 - Protecting Your Identity

    Registration deadline - Mar 4

    While it is impossible to totally protect your identity in this time of digital information, there are steps you can take to minimize your exposure.  Learn how to determine if your identity has been stolen, what are the first steps to take, and common methods thieves use to steal your identity.

Mar 23 - Parent & Youth Budgeting

    Registration deadline - Mar 18

    Learn how to create a budget, stick to your plan, and more in a guided workshop for parents and their teen or young adult.  Lots of activities for you to do together.

Mar 27 - VOL OPP - Budgeting Activity

    Registration deadline - Mar 25

    Volunteer Opportunity at William Jewell College to help 1 class of 25 students learn about creating a budget during a hands-on simulated life activity.

April 9 - Closer Look

    Registration deadline - April 8

    Want to know more about Moneytalk?  Interested in volunteering, but want to know what to expect?  Do you want to donate or sponsor, but want to know more.  Com take a “closer look” and learn about how the non-profit got started, current programs, long term visions, and get a chance to check out our most popular workshop activities in the school

April 28 - 2nd Annual TopGolf Fundraiser

    Purchase Tickets for your family, staff, or friends.  Enjoy 3 hours of golfing, soft drinks, food, vendor booths, goodie bags, raffle items, and more.

    Be a sponsor - host a vendor booth, provide raffle items, provide goodies for the goodie bag, and more.

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