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Moneytalk Financial Foundations

913-538-1465         PO Box 860184, Shawnee, KS 66286   

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Moneytalk is a 501c3 charitable Christian non-profit organization helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and living paycheck to paycheck through financial life-skill education, coaching, ongoing support, and more. 


Upcoming Events

March - Entire Month

    Location:  Christian Brothers Automtovie in Shawnee - (22240 Midland Dr, Shawnee, KS 66226)

    During the month of March, if you donate $10 to Moneytalk you will receive $20 off your auto repair.

April 6 - Parent & Youth Budgeting

    Registration Deadline - April 4

    Location - Third Space Coffee - 226 Oak St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

    Enjoy an fun-filled morning with your young adult or teen to learn about managing money, sticking to your plan, needs vs wants, and more.  Lunch, drink, snacks, and a copy of the workbook are included in the ticket price.

April 9 - Closer Look

    Registration deadline - April 8

    Want to know more about Moneytalk?  Interested in volunteering, but want to know what to expect?  Do you want to donate or sponsor, but want to know more.  Com take a “closer look” and learn about how the non-profit got started, current programs, long term visions, and get a chance to check out our most popular workshop activities in the school

Apr 25 - VOL OPP - Paychecks

    Registration deadline - Apr 23

    Volunteer Opportunity at Wyandotte High School to teach students about Paycheck withholdings and impact of a salary vs hourly job.

April 28 - 2nd Annual TopGolf Fundraiser

    Purchase Tickets for your family, staff, or friends.  Enjoy 3 hours of golfing, soft drinks, food, vendor booths, goodie bags, raffle items, and more.

    Be a sponsor - host a vendor booth, provide raffle items, provide goodies for the goodie bag, and more.

May 16 - VOL OPP - Benefits

    Registration deadline - May 14

    Volunteer Opportunity at Wyandotte High School to teach students about benefits employees may receive, requirements, and qualifications.

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